Welcome to my Android project site!

I'm a newbie Android developer (but with Java experience), who wants to share his little apps, which were developed in order to get some Android programming experience, or just because some functionality was not found in an existing app on the market. Finally this made me founding my little company "slintes IT".

The last motivation was even the one for my first app: I wanted to change the colors of my Android calendars. While this is possible for Google calenders via the web calendar (at least with some restrictions), there is no chance to change the color for e.g. calenders created from Facebook or MS Exchange.

So I created the app "Calendar Colors"

The idea for my second app came while organizing my homescreens. I wanted to have all games in one folder, in order to save place. But searching the games is quite annoying, at least when you have a lot of apps installed. So I wrote an app, which just lists all installed games and lets you start them from the list

The result: the app "Games"

You find all my apps here:
Google Play Store

If you have any problems with my apps, or have any ideas, don't hesitate to contact me via mail to: support @ slintes-IT.com.

Thanks! :-)